Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Anthem Of The Oppressed"

“I imagine LOVE,

I imagine HAPPINESS,



“Shut my mouth,

Seal my ears,

Turn my eyes away,

From seeing truthfulness”

“Though we’re free,

Yet we honour slavery,

Can’t you see,

We’re losing dignity”

“Voice not heard,

No truth they seek,

We are dead,

Before death could ever greet”

“Appearing wise,

They’re preaching honesty,

Rhetorical lies,

What they do is opposite”

“You serve no right

To question these,

Zombie-like we are,

Abiding by what they wish”

“I dream of just,

A civil society,

No more fight,

No more bureaucracy”

“Closer ties,

Rooms to think,

Freedom to talk,

Whatever we believe in”

“Preach no lies,

No bogus promises,

Treasures lives,

No more nurturing fears”

“Honour thy pride,

God’s given gift,

Do it for love,

For harmony, for liberty,

“This is life,

This is reality,

You can hide,

But can’t breathe”

“Pray for guide,

Search for peace,

May you see the light,

You,ve been wishing all these years”

Sesapa yang rajin tu boleh la translate poem ni dalam bahasa ibunda (Bahasa Melayu). Ni la poem yang aku belajar sem ni dari En Norasmadi dalam ELE 3101.

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